Welcome to the Barony of
Welcome to the Barony of Hawkwood!
    Upcoming events:

    Monthly Business Meeting -Next meeting will be Wednesday, May 7th.

    Newcomer's Day, Saturday April 5th  More info on our Yahoo Group
    The event has been changed from the original location -Contact Lord Edward Godale for directions.

    Hawkwood's 10th Baronial Birthday and Investiture! April 25 -27

    Dinner Night Out! Sunday, May 18th at 6PM at El Rebozo Mexican Restaurant in Arden.

    The Barony of Hawkwood is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in the Western-most portion of North Carolina. The SCA is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study and selective re-creation of life in the Middle Ages. The Barony of Hawkwood is part of the Kingdom of Atlantia (map shown below), which encompasses Washington, DC as well as the states of Maryland, Virginia, North and South South Carolina, and Augusta, GA.

    While participating in the SCA, we strive to recreate the best aspects of the Middle Ages: chivalry, nobility, arts and culture. We do this without having to re-live the worst aspects of the Middle Ages: the plague, poor hygiene, serfdom and torture! Members of the SCA research and adopt medieval-style names that reflect the culture and time period of their chosen persona and participate in as many or as few medieval crafts, arts, sciences, martial activities, etc. that interest them.

    SCA events typically feature tournaments, fencing, music and singing, feasting, courts, arts displays, activities for children -- just about anything having to do with the Middle Ages that our members can think to do or recreate!

    To learn more about the SCA and the events and people that make up the Barony of Hawkwood, please use the navigation menu to the left.

    Hawkwood is one of the youngest baronies in the Kingdom of Atlantia, being formed from the former Canton of Hawkwood of the Barony of Sacred Stone.

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