Welcome to the Barony of

      People of Hawkwood,

      The time is at hand when the populace will be called upon to voice their opinions as to who should be the next Baron and Baroness of Hawkwood.

      Make sure that you check your membership! Only people with active membership will be able to vote on who they would like to see as the next Baron/ Baroness.

      I am happy to announce that we will have two options for the Baronial Thrones. Baroness Deirdre will be succeeded by either Lord Dante di Lucio della Luna/ Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill or Lord Ronan mac an Stalcair/ Lady Muriele of Aberdeen.

      Very soon the polling letters will be mailed to every paid member in Hawkwood. Anyone who has questions or concerns before voting is encouraged to contact the candidates at the emails and/or phone numbers below. If the candidates are not immediately available, they will endeavor to return your call or email at their earliest opportunity within 48 hours.     Please, no calls later than 9PM.

      Lord Dante -        email: 45caliberpencilATgmail.com

                          phone: 828-329-7874

      Mistress Rhiannon - email: brcurryATbellsouth.net

                          phone: 828-230-9286  


      Lord Ronan -        email: ronan290ATgmail.com

                          phone: 828-226-7979

      Lady Muriele -      email: brightfox1ATgmail.com

                               phone: 828-545-0244 

      Also below are the Letters of Intent sent to Their Majesties and Their Highness'.



      Unto Their Royal Majesties. Ragnarr and Lynette. King and Queen of Atlantia; Their Royal Highnesses . Guillaume Tomas and Kara. Crown Prince and Princess of Atlantia. and the Hawkwood Baronial Seneschal. Lord Fionn MacKonnell, do Lord Dante di Lucio della Luna and Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill, send fondest greetings, this fine December day!

      Gracious Sovereigns and Lord Fionn,

      It is our desire to be considered for the positions of Baron and Baroness of Hawkwood. upon the divestiture of our gracious Baroness. Mistress Deirdre. It is our understanding that she has
      expressed her desire to depart the baronial seat, and take her leave and retirement from the position. We would endeavor, should it be Your will, and the will of the populace of Hawkwood, to succeed her and hopefully, continue her tradition of peace, harmony and service to Atlantia in our wonderful Barony.

      It is of utmost importance to us that Hawkwood remain a strongly unified family, and that we continually encourage each other and our newcomers to participate in varied and sundry aspects of the Society, as well as promote and encourage service both to our Barony, but also to our beloved Kingdom. Hawkwood has thrived under Baroness Deirdre, and we would seek to continue its growth and strength as a dependable member of the Atlantian community.

       Lord Dante is particularly dedicated to building the Baronial army, to present a strong presence for Atlantia. To that end, he has been working diligently to schedule regular baronial practices and training sessions. He is interested in all aspects of martial activity, being both an armored and rapier fighter himself, and enjoying thrown weapons and archery.

      Mistress Rhiannon has had a long and strong career in both administrative positions and with ceremonial and protocol matters, advising and assisting dozens of sets of Royals with such matters. Her dedication and service to the Barony of Hawkwood spans over a quarter of a century.

      We both also look to the long-term success of our Society by seeking out and encouraging newcomers. Lord Dante regularly hosts the annual Newcomers Day, where we offer classes, tips and promote a general sense of family and friendship to all who seek to enter our Society.

      Hawkwood is our home and our first family in the SCA. We have each dedicated many, many years to serving it and its people, growing from a Canton of Sacred Stone to a Barony in its own right, and we ask that You allow us to take this next step in serving Hawkwood further .

      Thank you for your consideration.

      Lord Dante di Lucio della Luna

      Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill



      To their gracious Majesties and Highnesses do we, The Honorable Lord Ronan mac an Stalcair  and The Honorable Lady Muriele of Aberdeen  send greetings.

      We wish to express our desire for consideration to become Hawkwood’s next Baron and Baroness.

      I, THLord Ronan mac an Stalcair, have been in the SCA for 14 years. In that time I have been a Chatelain for the then incipient canton of Crois Brigte, the Baronial Rapier Marshal for both Sacred Stone and Hawkwood, a temporary web minister, Knights Marshal and Baronial Herald. I have acted as co-autocrat for Hawkwood’s first Baronial birthday along with my Lady wife and been the MIC of several events as well as the Rapier MIC at even more. This list is by no means meant to tout my own accomplishments but to express my dedication to the Barony in which I live.

      I, THLady Muriele of Aberdeen, have been in the SCA for 24 years in Atlantia and Meridies.  Since the birth of our Barony, I have held the offices of Chronicler, Historian, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Seneschal and currently Chatelain.  I have acted as a deputy autocrat for Fall Crown Tourney in 2004, co-autocrat for Hawkwood’s first Baronial Birthday with my Lord husband and autocrat for both  “Just a Tourney” in 2009 and last year's Baronial Birthday. I enjoy making garb, jewelry and other A & S projects.

      We are ready to put aside our personal activities which might distract from our duties. 

      If we are given the honor of becoming the next Coronets, we would strive to represent the populace to the best of our ability and serve the Kingdom of Atlantia with honor.

      Thank you for your time and consideration of this letter of intent.

      Yours in Service,

      THLord Ronan mac an Stalcair


      THLady Muriele of Aberdeen


      Thank you all for your careful considerations! I look forward to seeing who will be guiding our Barony into the next chapter of Our history!

      Lord Fionn MacKonnell

      Seneschal, Barony of Hawkwood

      Stay tuned for Hawkwood's TENTH Baronial Birthday
      April 25-27, 2014 to be held at Lutheridge

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